Session 1 - Does God Speak today? What is the gift of Prophecy?

Ps James Anson

Does God Speak Today?  In this opener Pastor James Anson from FaithPointe Church NZ builds the case that indeed God is alive and well in the 21st Century, still speaking and bringing revelation to the body of Christ and onto the world.

Session 2 - Taking first Steps, Delivering a Prophetic Word

Ps Phil Richardson

Jump starting the gift of Prophecy, Taking first Steps and Delivering a Prophetic Word

Session 3 - The effect of Prophecy, how to weigh prophecy, Visions & Dreams

Ps James Anson

The effect of Prophecy upon the hearers, how to weigh up a prophetic word. Finding Vision and direction through the Prophetic

Session 4 - The Role of the Prophet

Ps Phil Richardson

The Role of the Prophet in the Church. Stepping into the calling and handling higher level Prophecy

Session 5 - Activating Yourself into the gift of Prophecy

Jen Matheson

Jenny Matheson - a prophetess simply teaches us how to step into the gift of prophecy. Relates ways God communicates through creation, created things, encounters with God, etc. Then demonstrates activation