FaithPointe Values

Listen to our series on our church values to learn more about our heart and mission.

1. We are called to be faith-filled, big thinking, believers

We don’t want to insult God with small thinking and safe living

FaithPointe Values - 1 - Gaining a Deeper Faith Filled Life

June 5, 2016 -Selwyn Clark

Matthew 17:14-21. God the father is calling us into a deeper and more faith filled life that will unlock purpose in him and invade your world...Faith, Hope, Love, the key to Abundant life!!!

FaithPointe Values - 1 - Faith Filled Big Thinking Believers

July 3, 2016-James Anson

Hebrews 11:1 & Romans 10:17 - God has called us to live by Faith and put our Trust in Him. We don't want to live our lives by insulting the greatness of God by small thinking and safe living.

2. We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers

The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world

FaithPointe Values - 2 - Becoming Spiritual Contributors

June 26, 2016-James Anson

Romans 1:13-14 & John 20:21 - In this vision and values series Ps James breaks down what it means to be a Spiritual Contributor. There is a strong prophetic warning in this message to shift out of the Consumer mentality that is trying to sway modern church mindsets.

3. We will laugh hard, loud and often

Nothing is more fun than serving God with people you love!

FaithPointe Values - 3 - We will laugh hard, loud and often

July 10, 2016-Viv Anson

he biggest question that the world is asking today is "Who am I". Only the courageous will be able to embark on this journey to finding out.

4. We want to always bring our best

Doing things well honours God and inspires people

FaithPointe Values - 4 - Posture of Best

August 14, 2016-Selwyn Clark

Ephesians 4:1-32 - We as the sons of God should always have a posture to bring our best in all that we do....No matter where when and how....Its a trigger for the Fathers Favour and anointing

5. We will seek the face of God often and with humility

Prayer moves the hand of God and invades the impossible

FaithPointe Values - 5 - Seek the Face of God Often and with Humility

May 29, 2016-James Anson

1 Thessalonians 5:17 & Matthew 26:40-41 - Jesus Christ modelled a life of seeking the Father. He breathed a life of prayer. Jesus gave us a secret to living a life of prayer - "the spirit is willing". Engage your spirit and learn to live a life of prayer.

6. We seek to honour God with wholehearted praise and worship

God is seeking worshippers who worship in spirit and truth

FaithPointe Values - 6 - Releasing God's Power through Praise - Part One

April 17, 2016-James Anson

Luke 19:37-40 - Jesus said, ""If the people kept silent, then even the stones would cry out in praise"". Praise is powerful. God inhabits the praises of His People. Ps James Anson teaches how praise can effectively release the supernatural power of God into our lives

FaithPointe Values - 6 - Releasing God's Power through Praise - Part Two

May 1, 2016-James Anson

Psalm 8:1-2 - Jesus quoted King David on the power of perfected Praise. Praise releases supernatural Strength and silences your enemies. Find out how in this anticipated Part Two on the subject of Praise


7. We seek to live our lives on Mission – here, there and everywhere

Winning people to Christ and discipling them is the heart of the gospel

FaithPointe Values - 7 - Missions: Here There & Everywhere

September 10, 2016-Phil Richardson

Matthew 13:47-51 - Ps Phil links the discipleship themes woven into the Book of Nehemiah., Highlighting the Fish Gate (Damascus Gate) to Evangelism and Mission and our need to be fishers on men. And the Thrill of leading people to Jesus.

8. We believe in a culture of Honour

Honour means relating to someone according to his or her God-given identity

FaithPointe Values - 8 - A Culture of Honour

May 21, 2016-James Anson

Romans 12:10 & Isaiah 29:13 - In this message Ps James shares what true biblical Honour looks like. It stems from the creator being a God of Honour, who initiates every movement with Honour. The body of Christ is to honour one another and move in a corporate mindset of unity and honour. Honour opens the door to Miracles.

9. We honour the Holy Spirit as our enabler in all we do

The prophetic and supernatural of God are released through the Spirit’s ministry

FaithPointe Values - 9 - Honouring the Holy Spirit

July 16, 2016-James Anson

Acts 1:4-8 & Isaiah 30:1-3 - Jesus told is disciples not to attempt any ministry until they had first waited to be immersed with the Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out and the early church was born. What happens when we fail to work in partnership with the Holy Spirit? How can we make an alliance with the Spirit? Hear it all in this message today.

10. We believe family is the core building block of the church

The church is built through a culture of Sonship. Son’s build the house


FaithPointe Values - 10 - The Culture of Sonship

July 30, 2016-James Anson

Romans 8:19 & Genesis 1:26-28 - God's chosen method to work on the earth is Father and son. Understanding Sonship is crucial to unlocking the Father's Heart in the church of Jesus Christ.