Introduction - How to tackle First Things First

by Pastor James Anson

To understand what First Things First is all about and how to go about completing the course watch our introduction

Lesson 1 - How to Become a Disciple of Jesus Christ

by Pastor James Anson

So many world religions! How do we work our way through all these? Is there a simplified answer to what Christianity is all about and how it differs to other religions? Pastor James Anson unpacks this and shares the heart of the Gospel and how to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

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Lesson 2 - Understanding Your New Life in Christ

by Pastor James Anson

When a person comes to know Jesus Christ a lot has happened to them. This is a miraculous turn around in people's lives. Understanding what has taken place is vital to moving forward in your walk with Christ. Pastor James Anson unpacks this to help us understand the new life we have in Christ

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Lesson 3 - Sin and Repentance

by Pastor James Anson

Jesus first theme of His preaching message was to Repent for the Kingdom of God is here. He was telling us that we can access a never before unseen reality of the kingdom of God. The access is granted through a change in our thinking about wrong doing, sin and making thing right with God.

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Lesson 4 - Forgiveness

by Pastor James Anson

Jesus Christ not only liberates us by offering forgiveness but also empowers us to forgive others. Many have experienced painful situations in their lives of unimaginable hurt that can quickly turn into a root of bitterness. In this lesson we discover how we can set our soul free from the deep hurt generated by sins committed against us.

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Lesson 5 - The Holy Spirit

by Pastor James Anson

Jesus had to leave and ascend to the Father so the Holy Spirit could be released to make His home in the hearts of all those who have invited Christ to be a part of their lives. The Holy Spirit is the Helper, Counsellor, Teacher, Guide and the power of God in a Disciple's life. This lesson demonstrates how we can receive that power and operate out of God's strength and not our own.

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Lesson 6 - The Opposition

by Pastor James Anson

It doesn't take a new follower of Jesus Christ to discover he or she has an enemy that is both cunning and deceptive. This lesson takes us into the world of our Opposition and the many strategies deployed against our lives as Christians. Learn how to prepare for battle and stay on the winning side!

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Lesson 7 - Water Baptism

by Pastor James Anson

Jesus told His followers to make disciples and baptise all who choose to follow Him. What is water baptism? How does it work? Who should be baptised? What about the traditions of the church? Discover an in depth understanding of what it means to be water baptised.

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