Week 1 - "Healing through Blessing"

Jesus commanded us to take the good news and heal the sick. Learn how to do precisely this through the power of blessing. Speaking blessing can bring astounding results and 1000's of testimonies have been sent in from all around the world to Author and practitioner Richard Brunton

Week 2 - "From Forgiveness to Blessing"

It is one thing to reluctantly squeeze out your forgiveness to those who may have hurt you. But what about God taking you from forgiving others to being able to release blessing over their lives.

Week 3 - "Healing the wounds of the Heart"

Sin has taken it's toll on us all. We receive wounds of the heart because people haven't loved us the way we were designed to be loved. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted. In this portion of the seminar Richard shows us how we can both release healing through Jesus Christ and also receive healing.

Week 4 - "How to Bless Your Spouse and Children"

Using the Power of Blessing Richard teaches how to impart blessing to our spouses, children and grand-children.  With many testimonies and stories of what can happen when we undertake this Richard explains this can change the course of people's lives.

Week 5 - "Blessing Oneself"

Our words bring life and death. We must choose wisely how we speak over our lives. This installment of the power of blessing teaches us how to release God's blessing and favor - spirit, soul and body over ourselves.

Week 6 - "Blessing Places"

In this instalment of the Power of Blessing Richard shows how to bless your place of work, your home in order to release God's supernatural power of blessing.

Week 7 - "From Curses to Blessing"

Richard Brunton shares how many people don't realise they are under some type of generational curse.  Typically when this is the case people feel like there is some kind of 'glass ceiling' over their lives and they don't know why. Richard shares the many different reasons how curses come on lives and what we can do about breaking them.

Week 8 - "Tongues"

Tongues is easily misunderstood and has had some bad press at times. Richard brings clarity and soundness to this topic with some very helpful tips about the role of tongues in the life of a follower of Jesus.

Week 9 - "Healing"

Richard gives some practical teaching on Divine Healing from years of ministering to people. There is also some crossover with Deliverance ministry which will be covered more comprehensively in Week 10 - Power of Blessing"

Week 10 - Deliverance Ministry

Jesus Christ moved powerfully in the spirit world.  He was constantly relieving people's lives from evil spirit power. These demon spirits gain access to human lives in a variety of ways but they all do the same thing - create havoc and heartache. The Devil came to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus came to give abundant life. Richard Brunton shows how we can help people to be delivered and set free.